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Stundent Essay

  • Submitted by: cherise
  • on May 21, 2014
  • Category: English
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Cell Phone Use in Public Banned or Allowed

            Currently in our society, cells phones play a big part in our culture. According to CBS News, the number of household that utilize cell phones has increased over the years. The total numbers of cell phone user are estimated to be in the billions. (CBS NEWS, 2010). It is obvious that cell phone use in the United States is very common and prevalent in our world today.  
The high percentage of cell phone users shows us how prevalent cell phones are in our society and how many people have access to cellphones. The author’s mentioned, by having a cell phone. It allows the user the convenience of being mobile. Where ever you go, conveniently you can take your phone along with you. Cell phones have existed over forty years ago. The very first cell phone that was created was very large and bulky. Cell phone has come a long way since forty years ago. Due to the advances in technology.   Cell phones are still evolving today.
          Cell phone today   are equipped   with   the   ability to   text, record videos, take pictures, access the internet , which allows to people access to paying their bills and many more social outlets.   Do due to capability of having a cell phone. One may say a cell phone could help or harm an individual. When the cell phone is utilize in a public setting.   The author’s will explain two arguments from two different points of views of a writer. The first argument will consist of cell phones being banned in public places. And second augment will consist of cell phones being allowed in public places. To back up the writer’s position and claim, the author’s will incorporate information from academic journals.  

      One author states that cell phones should be banned in public setting. The author refers to
school setting as a public place. The author firmly believes that cell phone use should be in a
school setting. According to CBS News. New York city major Michael Bloomberg...

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  • Submitted by: cherise
  • on May 21, 2014
  • Category: English
  • Length: 1,029 words
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