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Rachel Moore Mr. Amenta CHW 4U1 January 3rd, 2011 Globalization: The Economic Downfall Globalization has generated profits for many multinational corporations but it has come at a great cost to the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of the lower and under class citizens of the world. Kevin Danaher a human rights activist once said, “The global economy works for about twenty percent of the world, for about eighty percent it doesn’t”. Unending growth being the central aspect of globalization promotes extensive production for corporations in the cheapest and most profitable means at the cost of many well-paying middle class jobs. The goal of creating one homogenized society leaves no room for cultural development and individuality among nations throughout the world. Although globalization may be beneficial for means of production throughout the world the negative repercussions of its greed will have lasting and detrimental effects on the middle and lower class of humanity. Although globalization deregulates international trade and finance to promote a global free trade, it fails to regulate the inequality amongst the rich and the poor among and within nations. Globalization has governments of almost every political persuasion that have been signing on to an “agenda” which means they are giving large multinational corporations, speculative investors, the right to move in and out of their countries freely. They are also signing on to an agenda which is forcing them to lower their standards in order to compete for the favours of these very large multinational corporations. In the process, what’s happening is that millions of small farmers around the world are going out of business and it is not only the farmers who are suffering. Many small, medium and even some large businesses are finding that they either have to merge go global or die. This means that

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