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fit gIrl’s guide The 28 Day Jumpstart Challenge A #FitGirlsWorldwide eBook Without written consent from the owner of FGW Media, Ltd., no portion of this copyrighted eBook may be reproduced or copied. ! The publisher and author do not assume, thereby disclaiming, any liability to any individual for any loss or damage caused by inaccuracy. ! This book does not contain medical advice. Consult your physician for matters relating to your health. The exercises contained in this eBook, like all exercises, do pose some inherent risk, and the author urges readers to take into consideration their individual levels of experience and training before attempting any activities described in this eBook. ! Copyright © 2014 FitGirlsWorldwide, FGW Media Ltd. All rights reserved. Book Design and Production by FGW Media, Ltd. Written by FGW Media, Ltd. Second Edition. ! Hey Girl! Let’s Get Fit! This isn’t a diet. This is an event. This is the first 28 days of becoming the Fit Girl you’ve always dreamed about. Every girl has an inner Fit Girl and we’re gonna help you find yours! And we’re gonna make the journey as fun and yummy as possible — pizza, dark chocolate, and dance parties anyone? The 28 Day Jumpstart Challenge will help you build fitter eating, exercising, and living habits in a way that’s easy to follow and really really pink. Forming new habits doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process. The positive decisions we make every day take us closer and closer to turning Fit Girl habits into our habits. At the end of the 28 days you’ll be on your way to having a bod that’d make you totally jelly. The Challenge is a detailed eating plan (that can be made vegan, vegetarian and glutenfree friendly!) combined with a kick-in-the-booty exercise Jumpstart. It’s designed to get you results you’ll notice so you’ll

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