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Emily Rozier Professor Short English 101-12 23 January 2014 A Simple Mistake Everyday I learn new things about myself academically. I can learn many things very quickly but others can take months to learn! Literature is one subject that has always not been easy for me, thesis statements/being off topic in particular. Connecting one thesis statement with an entire paper is difficult for me. Once upon a time literature was about reading and comprehension or as simple as free writing. Back in 5th grade I was a stellar writer because we did what was called free writing. I could write about whatever I wanted and was good at it. When eighth grade came along we began learning about thesis statements and to connect your essays to that. I would think I was doing a great job with the thesis but my grades proved otherwise. I continued seeing C papers and even D papers which was highly unlike me. My problem was the way I wrote the paper according to it. I tend to get off topic and forget about it completely. As I move forward with college English, I hope to improve my essay skills. When sitting down to write an essay, I honestly am thinking about nothing besides how I will start my introduction and transition it to a thesis. I have tried writing a thesis first, without the introduction, and filling in from there. Also, I have tried writing the entire paper and the idea behind it and finishing with a thesis. My critiques on my essays from my precious teachers have indeed helped me, but I simply cannot grasp it for some reason! I am such an outspoken person that I continue to further explain things that are unimportant to the entirety of an essay. As far as these problems go, I surely hope to improve them and better myself and my writing. Essays are a

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