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In the battle between Gandalf, Yoda, and Dumbledore it would be a fight of beyond epic proportion. They are each the most powerful in their own personal franchises, Gandalf is a wizard that is very powerful, he has also been alive for a very long amount of time, so he is very experienced. He can even come back to life in some cases, so his chance in winning this battle is very high. Gandalf’s power is derived from his staff though so that can come into play. He is willing to kill even though he is a good wizard but is willing to do what is needed for success or progress. Gandalf (grey) also died and came back as Gandalf (white), and to do that he has to be indisputably powerful. Dumbledore is also a very powerful wizard, he is holder of the elder wand which is the most powerful in the world. Even with the wand being so powerful he isn’t willing to harm another wizard so he can’t do what is necessary. He is capable of during any magic possible so that gives him a bit of an edge. Now Yoda is the master Jedi, the most powerful in the universe, so he is the most skilled when it comes to battle. Yoda is of unknown origin but is a master in combat skill, with a light saver he is obviously skilled, and is tiny yet very agile and quick. Including all of that he also is in control of the force, he became one with it so best put he is the force. In a cage match Yoda would win, here is why. Dumbledore is powerful but has too much of a conscience and contemplate his moves of killing. Why Dumbledore is contemplating he would be killed by the more powerful wizard Gandalf. Gandalf would then approach Yoda, Yoda being Yoda he would push Gandalf away with the force. Yoda would then dodge the following attacks and cut Gandalf’s staff in half. Since Gandalf’s staff is his power source he would be powerless, Yoda would then strike him

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