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It Could Only Happen to Us Episode 1 “Pregnant, Up the duff, Knocked up” By Michael Branch Credits: Recover by the Automatic INT: BEDROOM: CHRIS AND ANDY ARE SITTING IN CHRIS’S ROOM. THE TV IS ON BUT WE CAN’T HEAR IT. IT FLICKERS THROUGHOUT THE SCENE. THE PAIR ARE TALKING WITH THEY’RE EYES GLUED TO THE TV CHRIS So what do you think of Lisa ANDY Lisa? CHRIS Yeah. What do think of her? ANDY Well. She’s not bad. But I prefer Nicole. CHRIS Yeah. I never really liked Lisa. She always looked down at me like I was some sort puss filled maggot. I mean come on ANDY She does that CHRIS She did that with James when she went out with him. He got so pissed off he nutted her Dad ANDY (Look of surprise) Did he? Why CHRIS Apparently he called James a scum sucking no good prick. Then he got a broken nose. He needed 10 stitches in his nose. ANDY Did you hear about Gary? CHRIS Why? What’s happened? ANDY According to James, Gary got his girlfriend Knocked up CHRIS SHARPLY TURNS TO HIS HEAD TOWARDS ANDY. ANDY LOOKS BACK AND NODS AT CHRIS. CHRIS LOOKS SHOCKED CHRIS Knocked up. You kidding? ANDY No. Although if you believe James there is a 99% chance it is complete and total bollocks CHRIS THEN TURNS HIS HEAD AWAY FROM ANDY AND BACK TO THE TV, ANDY DOES THE SAME A MOMENT LATER CHRIS Ah yeah ANDY Anyway if it’s true he’s the one who’s made the foreseeable future a living hell CHRIS Yeah you would think he’d know better ANDY It’s Gary. If he was confronted with a choice between saving his family or £1000000 he would go for the money CHRIS Surprise, Surprise JAMES BURSTS THROUGH THE DOOR. HE SEEMS OBVIOUSLY SEEMS LIKE HE HAS BEEN RUNNING JAMES (Panting) I… have… to… tell youse… something important. CHRIS What is it man? ANDY Spit it out obviously it was important that you had to

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