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Writing Class of March 19, 2012 Research – to search or to look again at a problem you already know something about Primary Source – are first-hand accounts of an event and are created during the time that event took place; of after the even happened but written by a person that was present during that event • They are original documents and usually don’t describe or analyze another work • They can also be creative works Example: speeches, laws, court documents Example: diaries, memoirs, autobiographies, letters Example: works of art, novels, plays Example: documented observations, interviews, original research, data Example: historical newspapers How are primary sources used? • Focal point of discussion • Used to back up claims or criticism • Evidence for theories and research • Historical perspectives Secondary Source – written by scholars or observers, after the fact, and interpret or analyze primary sources or events; at least one step removed from what they are describing Example: textbooks, essays, reviews, encyclopedias Example: magazine, journal articles which analyze events or ideas Example: books which provide a summary of events or synthesize information from many primary sources How are secondary sources used? • Get background info and understand the scope of the topic • See what others have discussed or get opinions • Learn how recent events affect or fit into the larger picture • Understand the significance of events, data, or works of literature and art *Sources are relative *One step removed, makes it automatically a secondary source How is news represented on the Internet? ( website = primary source What political tactics are used in U.S. elections ( article from analyzing elections = secondary

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