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Heather Colbert Dr. Harris Religious Persons and Traditions April 5, 2012 Throughout my life I have dealt with many forms of suffering. I take suffering seriously because of the huge numbers of issues going on in this world today. Just from my previous lecture in grief and loss I have learned that out of 7.3 billion people in the world today, over 1.5 billion suffer from abject poverty on a day-to-day basis and 830 million are children with poor drinking water and malnourishment. This is truly heartbreaking because most people don’t realize how bad other people have it and a lot of people don’t realize by just donating food and clean water how much they can help with today’s awful poverty numbers. I don’t believe in the big plan theodicy because in the end why is it said that suffering has to happen? Why should innocent people suffer because it is part of a “big plan”? I also don’t believe in the punishment theodicy because it says that people suffer because they have sinned. Well, throughout growing up I have met a lot of people who have suffered and truly to my judgment haven’t sinned to such an extent that they deserve the pain they suffered through. For example, my Uncle Ed suffered with lung cancer for a year. He was bedridden, on breathing machines, and ate through tubes. On my own perspective of him, is that he was indeed an honest soul and attended the Baptist church next to his house regularly. So if this statement were true, why would an innocent man who has committed small sins and has never smoked receive a terrible cancer that caused him to suffer for so long? The suffering builds character theodicy somewhat relates to what I believe, but in another way doesn’t. It is said that the suffering a person endures helps them to become stronger. I do believe if you live through a tragic event you can grow from your experiences, but in the same

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