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------------------------------------------------- Stuff From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Look up stuff in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. | Stuff, a slang term may refer to: items, things, or matter. Stuff may also refer to: * Stuff (cloth), woven cloth or fabric, usually woolen (mainly United Kingdom and New Zealand) * Stuffing, a substance which is often placed in cavities of food items * Stuffed animal, a child's soft toy. * Stuffed or preserved animals, created through the art of taxidermy *, news portal of Fairfax New Zealand In computing: * Bit stuffing, the insertion of noninformation bits into computerized data * As a verb, to stuff (compress) files using Stuffit In music: * Stuff (album), a 1997 album by Holly McNarland * Stuff (band), a 1970s-80s fusion/rhythm and blues music group * Stuff, a 1992 album by Bill Wyman * "Stuff", a 2000 single by Diamond Rio from the album One More Day In popular culture: * Stuff (magazine), a men's magazine * Stuff (novel), a 1997 novel by Joseph Connolly * The Stuff, a 1985 horror/comedy film by Larry Cohen * Stuff (film), a 1993 mini-documentary about John Frusciante's life * "Stuff" (How I Met Your Mother), a 2007 episode of the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother * A flying creature in the game Kya Dark Lineage who guides the heroine where to go and tells her what the next objective is. * Stuff by Hilary Duff - a clothing line by the popular songstress. * Stuff (book), a 2005 book by Jeremy Strong. * "Stuff" is often used to refer to illegal drugs or narcotics. In sports: * In baseball, "stuff" is sometimes used to describe a pitcher's repertoire of pitches and his ability to use those pitches effectively (e.g. "that pitcher has great stuff") | This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the

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