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ere's a short preview of this essay with formatting removed for you to read Have a little read: ... Enzymes Coursework Enzymes are biological catalysts, they are found inside every living cell and speed up chemical reactions. They are made up from a long chain of amino acids folded in upon itself until it has a cleft in the exact shape and size of the molecule it was designed to act on, this makes enzymes specific to one reaction - an enzyme with an active site the shape of starch molecules can't act upon hydrogen peroxide molecules. This is the lock and key hypothesis. Only the right key will fit the lock, only the right enzyme will act on the substrate. The catalase enzyme will help break down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, this reaction would take place anyway but it would not happen as fast and would require more energy - the enzyme speeds up the reaction and reduces the required amount of energy. The lock and key hypothesis takes place when the enzyme comes into contact with the specific substrate and the substrate slots into the active site to form an enzyme/substrate complex, here the enzyme speeds up the process of breaking up the substrate. The enzyme/substrate complex:- The Lock and Key Hypothesis:- There are many variables that will affect the speed of this reaction, one of them is the temperature - different enzymes will have different optimum temperatures that they work at, this depends on where the enzyme is to be found. Enzymes in our body of an optimum working temperature of 37°c as this is our body temperature but enzymes found in hot springs may have an optimum and working temperature of 100°c. If the temperature drops too far below the optimum then the enzyme will stop working as there will not be enough collisions taking place between the enzyme and the substrate due to low kinetic energy, on the other hand when the temperature rises

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