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The poem ‘Porphyria’s lover’ displays conflict within the two characters in the poem and the themes displayed within the poetry. There are three types of conflict displayed in the poem Inner Conflict which is the main one, Interpersonal conflict and Physical conflict which is what brings the poem to an end. Inner conflict is shown within the first four lines of the poem, you can feel the lover’s depressed state in his attitude to the weather. He shows his own inner conflict by lashing out at the wind ‘the sullen wind’, which shows his own jealousy and suppressed anger. He also uses repetition as a way to show his thoughts going round and round in circles which creates inner conflict and the hissing of all the ‘s’ sounds reflect his anger and thoughts towards Porphyria. Inner conflict is shown by his duel thoughts as he goes from one mind of hating Porphyria to loving her again and this is shown in the text by the language starting complex and becoming simple again, he doesn’t know what decision to make weather to kill her or not after all she worships him he shows his thought process and inner conflict until he comes to his decision and saids”a thing to do”, He justifies his action as painless and successful. Interpersonal conflict plays a minor part in this poem Porphyrias lover. There is ovebiously a love or lust between the two which makes it so hard for him to commit murder because of his Interpersonal conflict towards her. Porphyry is like a precious stone of a rich red color, he describes Porphyria as bringing warmth and rosiness. Physical conflict also plays a big part in the poem with murder taking place” I wound three times and strangled her”. His conclusion to the poem is him sitting

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