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ENG1D5 Independent Novel Study Purpose For grade nine academic English, you are required to complete an in-depth study of a novel that you have read on your own. The goal for this assignment is for you to critically analyze your novel using the elements and structure we have discussed in class, and then present your analysis in an in-depth report that you will submit via and glogster. Book Selection Your report will be based on a novel that you have selected from the White Pine Collection list. It is recommended that you buy the book rather than borrow it from the library since this is a long-term project. Borrowed books must be continually renewed and, of course, you may not write in them, whereas you may make notes in your own book and keep it for your personal library. Student/Teacher Conferences There will be two mandatory conferences at which time each student will present their work in progress and discuss any ideas or difficulties with the assignment. All drafts and/or notes should be available for the discussion. The date will be set the teacher. If, at any other point, you need to meet with the teacher, it is up to you to initiate that meeting. You will be given some class time to read your novel and work on your assignment, but expect that the majority of the work will be done on your own time. Required Elements: Your report should include the following information: 1. Character Analysis * Three paragraph character sketch on the main character, including two quotes for each paragraph: paragraph 1 – discuss the character’s physical appearance and actions paragraph 2 – what the main character’s dialogue says about him/her paragraph 3 – what other characters say about the main character * One paragraph discussing another character in the novel and their relationship to the main character, including

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