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27 January 2012 The Effects of Ageism Ageism affects the people you love in several unique fashions. In my case, it has affected my grandmother in three major ways: physically, mentally, and emotionally. The first effect ageism had on my grandmother was the physical aspect. Before, when my grandmother was healthier and younger, she was able to take our dog out for a walk around the neighborhood. Now, after a couple of knee surgeries due to ageism, she has difficulty performing the task as simple as walking our dog. The second effect ageism has had on my grandmother is the mental aspect. Before, she was the most patient and realistic person I had ever met. She had always evaluated every situation methodically and meticulously, never coming to a false conclusion or becoming ridiculously cranky. Now, ageism has caused her to think irrationally and become cranky and short-fused at times. The third and final effect ageism has played on my grandmother was the emotional aspect. Back when my grandfather was still alive and well, she would always have this glow of happiness about her that would never change, no matter the situation. Unfortunately, when my grandfather’s time came to an end, the bright, radiant glow about my grandmother vanished, and she became this person who just was not the same. She would go to sleep early and wake up late, lacking the motivation to do almost anything. My grandmother’s lack of motivation towards anything is partly my fault. When ever there is a simple task to be done, like doing the laundry, I try to help by doing the task for her, when in reality it renders her useless and makes her feel this way. In conclusion, ageism affects many people in various aspects such as physical, mental, and emotional, while making the victims feel

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