Studying More or Working After Graduation Essay

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Studying more or working after graduation Undergraduate study is appropriate for everyone to be an essential foundation of education all over the world. Currently, many people desire to receive higher education to get a better job. Some people prefer to work after graduating from universities, whereas some people would rather continue studying immediately in order to get advanced academic degrees such as master’s and doctoral degrees. However, the evident differences illustrate the advantages to continue working after graduation which will make everybody accumulate more experiences in workplaces and succeed in his or her occupation. Working promptly after finishing colleges enables graduates to have more opportunities to enhance their professional competences, and it has a great impact on them to work with others effectively. If they encounter some problems, they have to try to solve the problems by using their useful skills that will clear these problems out. Moreover, they can utilize their analysis for resolving the real situation giving the beneficial results to them and their corporations. Consequently, they are able to fix the same circumstance easily because of their experiences. In contrast, it is difficult for some people who only intend to study to start working. They lack in experience and never face with the problem in working world, so it takes long time to gain their experiences and improve their abilities despite the fact that they can earn a master’s degree. Therefore, you can learn everything in your workplace and make a lot of tasks or even the problems in each situation become your experiences to amend your knowledge and capability. Graduates who want to work have more chances to adjust themselves properly to their workplaces. In every corporation, workers have to meet and work with others, so participation in teamwork is a
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