Studying Media Technology vs. Studying Construction Engineering

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Topic : Discuss the positive and negative points about the career/profession that you might like to follow and any other career/profession that you have considered or know something about. Studying media technology vs. studying construction engineering When I passed my A levels at secondary school in Germany I decided to start studying instead of an apprenticeship. I was thinking about different kinds of studies, visited many education fairs in Bavaria and Austria. Basically, there were two different options for me in the end: media technology or construction engineering. My parents got a company in the timber construction industry, so at first it was obvious for me to concentrate on the future of our company. Therefor construction engineering would have been the best choice. I already know many things about working with timber, planning buildings and constructions. However I have always been interested in arts, design and media. I participated in an one-year-internship at Akademie Regensburg - private school for arts and design - to get to know more about the different sectors of design studies. This matter of fact made me consider media technology as studies as well. It combines media and design with technology which conforms to my interests perfectly. In the end I came to the conclusion that it would be the best for me to follow my own interests first. So I decided to study media technology. For me it is important to take pleasure in my future profession and be passionate about what I am doing. I can also use many things concerning media technology in our company. With my knowledge about HTML and Java i can write homepages and programs. Those can be very useful for the marketing and advertising sector of a company. (260

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