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Studying For a Math Exam Sarah Branch Ivy Tech Lawrence Campus Community College At the beginning of the semester, we took a SmarterMeausre assessment to show each of us individually how we learn or study the best. The assessment showed that I am an Aural, Logical and Solitary learner. (SmarterMeasure, 2012) These particular primary learning styles are all very different from each other in their own area; therefore allowing me to be able to studying in several different ways. An aural learner best learns when music, sound or rhyme is introduced. (SmarterMeasure, 2012) Logical learning is best for organization. A solitary learner is a person who can learn better by themselves. Any way that I choose to study, should be a style that best fits my primary learning styles. Every student at some point in their college career is going to have to study for a math exam. Studying for a math exam can become quite difficult if the material is not understood properly. Being an Aural, Logical and Solitary learner has provided me with different ways to study to the fullest potential especially for a math exam. Being an Aural learner means learning can be easier if music, sound or rhyme is added into the learning process. (SmarterMeasure, 2012) While studying for a math exam, I have found that if I listen to a song while trying to remember a certain theory or problem I can remember it easier. During the song, I normally will tune out the lyrics and incorporate some type of reference to the math problem I am having. This works extremely well with aural learners because during the exam if there is a question I may get stuck on, I think back to the song I listen to and remember the songs I made up for the questions. Another suggestion on studying using aural learning is to make up your own beat for the different theories. An aural learner is an exciting trait to have when

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