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After more than 10 years’ study of English, I am pretty sure that it has become part of life that I never would like to loose. I have the habit to relax myself before go to bed in order to get rid of the tiredness. Some people may read ,or listen to music or play computer games, while I usually watch some funny TV programs or series. friends is my favorite although I have watched every episode of it for more than twice. The more I watch , the more I can understand. And the more I understand the dialogues in the show, the more I learn about the American culture and society. It’s a wonderful experience as if my life ,not only my horizon , has been broadened. Also thanks to English, I have the chance to know some really good friends. I used to go to the English corner of my school to practice English. Since the English corner was open to everybody ,there were all kinds of people who loved English. I have to admit that it’s a fantastic way to communicate with people and make friends. Another time , an organization with about 30 foreign teachers ,mainly from Britain ,America and New Zealand came to my hometown to hold an English summer camp. That camp aimed to improve the English skills of middle school students. I was about to go to college and could make simple dialogues with foreigners then, so I tried to be a teaching assistant. My job was to help the Chinese students understand the foreign teachers completely and help organize some after-class activity. In that camp , I had plenty of chance to talk to foreigners from different countries . At the end of the camp, an American guy and I became really good friends and we kept in touch via email until now. As I watch more English TV programs and read more English books , I become more aware of the western values, which is too different from the Chinese values that I was brought up with. The two kinds of values

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