Studying Abroad, Not One Good Choice for the Chinese Essay

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Studying Abroad, Not One Good Choice For the Chinese Going abroad has been a seemingly overwhelming trend for Chinese students, from middle school students to college students. Che Weimin, head of Ministry of Education Service Center for International Cooperation, once revealed that there are 400 thousand students going abroad for further education(2013). And more than 20% of the millionaires in China emmigrate abroad seeking for better education for their children(2013). This issue is related to every single family in China where the traditional family expectation for their children is to get the best education and succeed thereafter. Many college professors contend that students going abroad is a sign of forgetting their homeland. While many parents, esp. well-off people, believe in the “better” studying environment in western countries. Whatever others think, I stay firm that Chinese students shouldn’t go abroad for further education in terms of the negative influence to their motherland and to themselves as well as the academic unnecessity. First and foremost, studying abroad does harms to motherland.Some ambitious students claim that they go abroad as a disseminator of Chinese culture. Actually the fact is that a majority of students studying abroad serve for the western countries after graduation abroad, which may cause brain drain for our homeland. Students are often too young to stay unwavering to their own culture. According to one report from Xinhua Press, by the end of 2012, the number of Chinese oversea students had soared to 2.64 million, whereas that of the returned was merely 1.09 million. Futhermore, the majority of the returned are not promising talents. The Central Personnel Work Coordination Group Office suggested that so far the amount of lost top talents in China has headed the list in the world, and 87% of those who study abroad in the

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