Studying Abroad Essay

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STUDYING ABROAD; A NEW JOURNEY IN LIFE Studying abroad has become one of the most important purposes for some students particularly in developing and underdeveloped countries. The main reason for this is that these students want to experience new academic environment and they want to expand their knowledge in a modern educational system. Like any other journey in life students may encounter many different situations when they decide to embark on this journey for attaining higher education. Studying abroad has great impact on students and changes them in two main ways. One of the most important effects of studying abroad on students is gaining new perspective of the world. They learn to see the world through new eyes and it helps them to understand and judge the world in a completely different way. During this journey students learn not to take some important values for granted. When they travel to another country with a different pace of life they have to adjust themselves with the new lifestyle as well as managing their time better than before. Since time is one special factor in the life of each and every one of us it is really important to see its value and try to manage it in a better way. Studying abroad gives this chance to students to know the value of time and organize it better. The point is most of the students are all alone abroad and they ought to do everything by themselves. They begin a completely new life in a new environment far away from their family members. Thus, there is no father, mother or any sibling to help them in their chores. That is when they start missing their families and understand what the real value of the family is. As it was written in the lines above, studying abroad broaden the perception of the students. During their stay in a foreign country students become familiar with a new culture. If the new country is not too
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