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Studying Essay

  • Submitted by: eddyrod305
  • on February 21, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Studying" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Although studying may be a very long process it can be broken down. Studying in time intervals is thought to be more effective. When studying in time intervals you obtain more information. Each person’s studying habit differ, for example some people study better while listening to music or some people study better outdoors. Regardless of how you study there’s always is room for improvement. There are tons of ways to improve a way of studying. Studying is thought to be long and tedious. It is thought like that because most people save studying for the last minute as in the night before the test or even the day of the test or exam. Three ways you can improve your studying routines are by one, not waiting last minute to study, two, eat protein!, and three,   being fully energized with a plan.
The best way to study is to take your time. Taking your time is the best because when you study periodically you give your mind some time to relax and take in the information that was just presented to you. When studying in intervals you prevent yourself from over studying. Over studying can give the opposite result of studying. Over studying and cramming are usually linked closely together. Another way to improve your studying habits is to study on a full stomach. Studying on a full stomach creates less of a definite distraction. Studying while hungry is inevitable, which are you focusing on more your hunger or the topic? When your stomach is satisfied you are able to concentrate and organize the topic that you are studying.  
It is said that protein is brain food. There was once an experiment that was performed to see if eating a full bowl of home cooked pasta the night before a given exam would increase the average test score.   And surprisingly the group that the experiment was performed on scored an average of twenty percent higher than the individuals that did not eat the pasta. Pasta is a high source of protein. Protein is used to increase and balance out blood flow. The...

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