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ENG 2050 Sections 105 & 108 Dr. David Orvis Fall 2011 FINAL EXAM FORMAT Section I. Definitions II. Passage ID Description Define 10 of 15 terms, concepts, etc. Identify author and title for 10 of 15 passages Weight 20% 20% 10% 30% 20% III. Multiple Choice Circle best answer for 10 of 15 items & True/False IV. Short Answer V. Mini-Essay Provide adequate responses for 10 of 15 questions Choose one topic for which to write an essay Sample questions and prompts attached. FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE AND SAMPLE QUESTIONS SECTION I. DEFINITIONS. Instructions: Define the following items. Your definitions need not be long, but they must demonstrate a clear understanding of the terms, concepts, texts, etc. as they pertain to the Bible and/or Renaissance literature. Note: Fifteen of the following terms will appear on the final. amanuensis antitheses anti-trinitarianism aphorism apology (or defense) Beatitudes bed-trick ceremonialism (or high church worship) colloquy comedy convent creatio ex deo (or monism) creatio ex nihilo ecclesiastical the Elect epic Evangelist felix culpa Fourth Gospel friar Gnosticism gospel Gospel Griesbach Theory haec-vir heterodoxy hic mulier Incarnation invocation irenicism “L” Source Logos low church worship “M” Source memento mori messianic secret New Law novitiate Old Law omnipotence omniscience “One Just Man” orthodoxy parable Paraclete Passion personification polemic postlapsarian “precise” predestination prelapsarian problem play “Q” Source Querelle des Femmes realized eschatology romance (genre) sodomy laws soliloquy Source Criticism sumptuary laws Synoptic Gospels Synoptic Problem Trinity Two-Source Hypothesis unscene “Virgilian Procession” SECTION II. PASSAGE IDENTIFICATION. Instructions: For the following passages, identify author (A) and title (T). If the passage is a sonnet, you need only write “Sonnet” as the title. If the

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