How to study without being tedious

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School can stress you as much as you don’t have any idea. And most of the stress is concentrated in exams, especially in finals, those days when everybody is apart of friends and just thinking about study and grades. To deal with those days is not to difficult you just have to learn how to organize your time and how to study. First of all make a decision about studying saying to yourself “I will start to study right now”, then gather your notes together: class notes, reading notes and any other notes you might have taken. Go through your notes, and start reading everything, looking for the most important things that may be on the test. You can highlight clue words that will help you to find the most important parts in the lectures. Then a good way for making the study more interesting or less tedious, is to use index cards as a paper to write your study guide, is better than a study sheet because is smaller and easier to handle with. Then Pick out the most meaningful ideas and bind them in several topics; after that continue with writing all the ideas in your index cards. Go through your notes a second time, adding details to each relevant index card. If your notes are insufficient, go back to the textbook, novel, academic article, etc., for the crucial information. Look through the index cards several times, until you're fairly comfortable with the material. After you finish doing your index cards with all the stuff for the test, start studying from it, reading carefully every topic and understanding all that you’re reading , if you don’t, go back to the topic and start again. Quiz yourself on each topic: Ask yourself a question, and write down a brief answer, checking your recall against your note cards. , Review every time you've been away from your notes for more than a couple hours. Review is the best way to get things to stick in your mind.

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