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While strolling down the now-familiar halls of -------,it is getting increasingly difficult for me to remember that I am here for a reason. I hear speeches from my teachers telling me that they are helping me and that one day I will thank them. Believing them is an arduous task,but they are telling the truth.For the entirety of the school year,I analyzed three subjects and discovered a bit about their origins.I learned lessons that will last me a long time, and I feel like it has also made me develop more responsibility.That will make me a better person in the long run.The courses I have been observing are Learning, Enrichment and Acceleration Program(LEAP) or Gifted and Talented,choir,and US History. The lessons we learn in school will help us become successful and will prepare us for the future. No matter how long ago an idea is sparked,there will always be a beginning. According to the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC),the start of gifted education began in 1868 when William Torrey Harris,a superintendent of St. Louis public schools made one of the first organized attempts to educate gifted children. In 1901,the first school that specialized in educating the gifted was opened in Worcester, Massachusetts. We have gone through many struggles to get to where we are now with gifted education.Finally,in 2004 a research-based report was put out that discussed acceleration strategies for advanced learners. Still,there can be advancements on this subject and how it is taught so that gifted children will receive the best education they can. The history of Gifted and Talented education might not be as extensive as courses such as Latin or Mathematics,but it did begin and blossom for a reason. Even though choir is definitely not a new idea,it was remarkably bothersome to look up the history of it..

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