Study Tips for Upsc Sociloogy Essay

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I am listing the study material that I referred, for UPSC Sociology Paper I and Paper II, through this post. Here’s my recommended booklist for Sociology (I strictly followed what Mr Upendra Gaur told our batch to read with some modifications which fortunately worked for me) Paper-I 1) Haralambos (V th edition, the large book not the earlier orange covered one) (In my opinion, the most important book for conceptual clarity not only for paper I, but also for paper II). Here are the page numbers that I read from the book: Page 1 to 21, 23 to 49, 69 to 104, 136 to 141, 145 to 156, 222 to 236, 282 to 286, 291 to 305, 334 to 346, 353 to 362, 372 to 378, 386 to 390, 431 to 439, 446 to 492, 504 to 551, 966 to 990, 991 to 1030 and 1032 to 1079 (Please understand that I am not saying that read only these page numbers and leave the rest, I am merely saying that I read only these pages from the book considering the time that I had). 2) UIES (Upendra Gaur Sir’s notes): Entire paper I notes. 3) Sociological Theory by George Ritzer and Douglas J. Goodman (VI edition) (for chapter 4 only, to be read only if you have finished the above two) I referred only those topics which I was not comfortable at. 4) Sindhuri Madam’s notes (UPSC 2008 AIR 43), available at book shops in Delhi (especially for Chapters 1,2 and 3). Paper-II Please note that there are standard text books available for Paper I but the study material for Paper-II is not found easily. Hence it becomes mandatory to refer to multiple sources. 1) Primarily I relied on Sindhuri Madam’s notes (UPSC 2008 AIR 43) which I got through the xerox shops in Rajendra Nagar (She has very meticulously collected material from various sources and prepared her own analyses as well) 2) UIES class notes (Upendra Gaur Sir’s class notes for Paper II) 3) Newspapers (The Hindu and The Indian Express, select

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