Study Technique Report: Cramming

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Study Technique Report: Cramming The study technique I decided to try is good old fashioned cramming. I am extremely rusty when it comes to studying as I have been out of the loop for over 15 years and it’s a struggle to find what works for me now at this point in my life. In my younger years, I would say that I was more adaptable, and found it less of a struggle, possibly because studying and doing homework was a part of my everyday routine. Once I finished high school and stopped utilizing those skills I had acquired for studying and completing assignments, its amazes me what a struggle this can be as an adult. The focus you once had as an everyday student changes and just isn’t there anymore. Unfortunately, for me cramming was the only method I could really commit to this week. Cramming is not my preferred study method. My schedule at work was extremely heavy and I found it difficult to find any extra time to review the material in the supplemental readings to see if I would prefer an alternative study technique. I reviewed the APA guidelines from the OWL and Purdue website as well as the APA reference chart. First, I’d like to start out saying that this type of material was in general difficult to study. I definitely could not memorize it, there was such a massive amount of information that I found myself having to keep going back through and rereading the material over and over again in an attempt to try to grasp it. Ah, let’s address the negatives, shall we! Benedict Carey’s article suggests that “Cognitive scientists do not deny that honest-to-goodness cramming can lead to a better grade on a given exam. But hurriedly jam-packing a brain is akin to speed-packing a cheap suitcase, as most students quickly learn – it holds its new load for awhile, then most everything falls out.” (2010). I could not agree more with this statement. I literally just finished

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