Study Styles Essay

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1. Learning style is our preferred way of receiving instructions or learning something. It’s based on how, using our senses, we best process the information in front of us. The three types of learning styles are: Visual, we retain information by seeing; Auditory, by hearing information; Tactile, by touching or doing. I must say I don’t prefer one over the other overwhelmingly. I think they are inclusive of features from other styles as opposed to being completely exclusive. 2. According to the LEAD assessment I prefer the Visual learning style. Initially I was a little surprised as, for some subject matter, I like listening to others explain it, and in some cases, like practicing math, I like to practice as much as I can so I can retain the subject matter better. Having said that it makes sense as I retain more information by seeing—I can relate to what I’ve seen. I retain information from charts and graphs better and visual demonstrations and descriptions are the same way. 3. Learning style is something that is ingrained in us—it is what we respond to better. Learning strategy on the other hand is how we can make our learning style work for us. Strategy is how we choose to learn or study and what techniques we use. It comes in handy when we encounter a class or situation that’s different from our preferred learning style. We can think of ways to incorporate our preferred learning style into the mode of instruction for a particular class. That is the gist of learning strategy 4. It helps that the online module has everything visual in front of me! I like reading a lot, and am always taking notes and making charts where applicable. I will put these notes on a board in my study room. I glance through them every time I enter my study room. The notes are mostly some important terms and concepts and a brief explanation. 5. Even though I prefer Visual
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