Study Sources: After Our Departure Of This Present Life

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October 2012 Study Sources A and B Examine the similarities and differences between these two documents. ‘After our departure of this present life’ both source A and B are declaring the arrangements for succession after their death. Source A is an extract from Henry VIII will and source B is of his son’s Edwards Devise for the succession. These two wills were created in very different circumstances and this could have quite possibly affected the way in which they were written. Edward was in full health when he wrote his Devise and was growing into a well-spoken and extremely well educated young man. However he was still incredibly young and arguably lacked the maturity to make what would be a momentous decision for England. At such a young age he may have been easily influenced and his decisions dictated by the older members of his council. On the other hand his father Henry was a mature man and had the benefit of many years experience on the throne and in control of his country when he wrote his will just a month before he died.…show more content…
As is clear from Source B this act is overturned by his son’s Devise. Edward was able to do this with the assistance from his council and as result his two sisters were declared illegitimate. One reason for this aside from the fact that they are female is their religion. Mary was strictly catholic, Edward however was Protestant and he and his council wished for England to continue to be in the hands of a protestant ruler therefore they were once again removed from the

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