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OBESITY STUDY Study Proposal Technological tools are tools of trade in today’s schools, not only in the United States, but This study is designed to answer questions of whether or not there are tangible benefits of pre-class physical warm up exercises toward reducing obesity. As childhood obesity increases I the U.S. (CDC) there is an increasing need to address it not only at home but also in American schools. Children spend a formidable part of their days in school during the school year so, it is logical the problem should, or at least can be, addressed in schools. Numerous studies have been done on the effect of exercise on general health is well documented but more study is needed to establish effects of small amounts of exercise in fighting obesity. This study will focus on the benefits of just two minutes of exercises designed for a nominal increase heart rate just prior to class. Since data from this study is intended for use in future studies and not stand alone, this study will be limited to two 8th grade classrooms. The classrooms will be comprised of 20-25 students who are similar in gender, weight, and ethnicity. One classroom will do prescribed warm up exercises (independent variable), lasting about two minutes per session. The sessions will take place before the first morning class and the class immediately following lunchtime meal. The exercise program will consist of arm circles for 30 secs, bend and reach (10 reps, 4 count), knee-ups or lunges (10 reps, 4 count), windmill (10 reps, 4 count), and end with the elongation “reach the sky stretch” (Army p. 21-64). The dependent variable will be each student’s body fat percentage. Each student’s body fat percentage is measured at the beginning of the year and near the end of the school year using body fat test outlined by Baily Covert (1999). The exercise program will be
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