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Batman Psych 101 March 6,2013 Study Plan What I Study. When I am going to study I find out what class I need to study for, I get that book and find out what chapters I need to read. I am going to start reading the prologues and the summary of each chapter I need to know so I can get a basic understanding of that chapter. I also answer the questions at the end of each chapter to help me remember the chapter. When I Study. When I am about to study first I make sure my kids are either at their fathers house or in bed. I make sure my dogs each have a treat so they leave me alone and I go in my bedroom and lock the door. I turn off my phone, TV, and any of devices that could distract me from my studying. I make sure I have all the books that I need to read and my laptop next to me in case I need to look up a word or use Google. Where I Study. I mostly study in my bedroom. When my children are home and awake and I need to look over my notes I will just look over them. Sometimes I find that going to a library or a bookstore like Barnes and Noble is a good place to study. I go to the library a lot because they have little rooms you can go in and not have to deal with others bothering you. I put my phone on vibrate and make sure I tell everyone I am studying so they know to leave me alone unless it is important. How I Study. I am a Aural learner so I need to hear what I am learning. I read out loud when I read textbook chapters because it helps me remember what I am reading. I also go online and see if the book that I need to read is in audio because that helps me too, when I hear someone else read. I also listen to my teacher when he is talking because it helps me have a understanding on what is going on based off the topic we are discussing. I also get my boyfriend to quiz me on the chapter I just read to I can learn how to memorize the

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