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“STUDY ON CREDIT APPRAISAL” Submitted by E.PRAMOD (PGDMB12/72) In partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE FOR FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH 24, Kothari Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034 (2011-13) CERTIFICATE This is to certify that this project report “STUDY ON CREDIT APPRAISAL” is the bona fide work of PRAMOD.E (PGDMB12/72) who carried out the project work under my supervision. (Signature) Name of project Guide: Mr.Raju Designation: Senior Manager Organization: ALLAHABAD BANK Date ACKNOWLEDGEMENT A journey is easier when we travel together. Interdependence is certainly more important than independence. It will always be my pleasures to thank those who have helped me in making this project a good experience for me. I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to Allahabad Bank , for giving me an opportunity to work in SRCM branch, Chennai, my Institute IFMR and important persons associated with this project as without their guidance and hard work I would have never ever have got a chance to have real life experience of working with a Public Sector Bank of such a great repute and learn practically about Credit appraisal process. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Mr. Raju (Senior Manager, SRCM Branch) for giving me an opportunity to know and learn various aspects. It is my privilege to thank Mr. Ramesh Subramanian (Industry Guide & Chief Mentor) whose guidance has made me learn and understand the finer and complicated

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