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The subject of this study of management is Ms. Megan Cross, a Senior Brand Manager of General Mills, a multi-national marketing organisation that represents well known food brands such as Latina and Old El Paso. Ms. Cross was interviewed about the functions and skills which define her role as a manager, rating items on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 signified a skill or role which was rarely used, and 5 was a skill or task that was very much a part of her everyday experience. Ms. Cross identified herself as a top level manager with a large amount of responsibility in a range of areas. Based on the responses to the interview topics, it is clear that Ms. Cross' role is symbolic of many large-sized business managers — namely the range of skills required to manage elements such as employees and budgets effectively. While the management skills identified by Robert Katz are quite relevant to such a manager, the management roles defined by Henry Minztberg more accurately and comprehensively detail the actual work done by the respondent. Furthermore, the size of the organisation has a more discernible impact on her duties rather than her seniority within the organisation, and technology and external environmental factors influence the sort of skills required to be effective in her role. The Melbourne office of General Mills is a large business employing over 100 full-time employees, including Ms. Cross, is consistent with a definition of a multinational enterprise (Pitelis; Sugden, 2000). This branch operates as part of a collection of other General Mills corporate offices worldwide whilst sharing certain resources (such as marketing analysis and other administrative functions), in a structure not unlike other multinational organisations. Rather than defining a set of ideal traits for managers, Katz (1974) sought to actuate the necessary skills for managers. He found that

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