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The study of language Second edition George Yule cambridge UNIVERSITY PRESS Published by the Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge The Pitt Building,Trumpington Str*«,Camoridge CB2 irp 40 West zoth Street, New York, ny 10011-4211, usa 10 Stamford Road, Oakleigh, Melbourne 3166, Australia © Cambridge University Press 1985,1996 First published 1985 Second edition first published 1996 Printed in Great Britain at the University Press. Cambridge A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library Library of Congress cataloguing in publication data Yule. George, 1947he Study of language / George Yule. -2nd ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. isbn 0521 560535(hardcover). isbn0521 56851 x(paperback) i. Language and languages. 2. Linguistics. I. Title. rio6.v85 1996 41 o-dc20 95-44854 cip (First edition isbn 0521 30531 4 hardback Firstedition isbn 0521 318777 paperback) isbn 0521 56053 5 hardback isbn 0521 56851 x paperback tag Contents Preface xi Preface to second edition xlil 1 The origin of language 1 The divine source;The natural-sound source;The oral-gesture source; Glossogenetics; Physiological adaptation; Interactions and transactions; Study questions; Discussion topics/projects: Further reading 2 The development of writing 9 Pictograms and ideograms; Logograms; Rebus writing; Syllabic writing; Alphabetic writing; Written English; Study questions; Discussion topics/p Further reading 3 The properties of language 19 Communicative versus informative; Unique properties; Displacement; Arbitrariness; Productivity; Cultural transmission; Discreteness; Duality; properties; Study questions; Discussion topics/projects; Further reading 4 Animals and human language 30 Chimpanzees and language; Washoe; Sarah and Lana; Nun Chimpsky; Ha and Doris; The controversy;

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