Study Of High Quality Day Care Essay

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Wendy Yu HD 15 Ch.5 Journal After researching Professor Alison Clarke-Stewart, I selected the article’s topic about the study of high quality day care linked to children’s cognitive and language development. In the article, the most comprehensive study ever conducted on the effects of daycare has found that young children in the care of others while their parents work generally suffer no disadvantage in cognitive or linguistic development. In other words, children’s cognitive development is not harmed by daycare but the importance of verbal and intellectual stimulation whether provided by a parent, day-care provider or baby sitter in early childhood development. According to the article, Professor Clarke-Steward said that the more attentive, responsive and stimulating caregivers are and the more language they use when interacting with children the better children do on tests of knowledge, intelligence and language. Again, study shows that children are not being placed at a disadvantage in terms of cognitive development if the have high quality day care in their first three years. Therefore, high quality care is crucial in the early childhood development. High quality care refers to the caregivers is involved and responsible. They talk to the children and are interactive with them. In addition, high quality day care is most frequently provided at a larger child care centers, boosted children’s cognitive and linguistic development. And at several ages, it even improved the quality of their interaction with their mothers. By contrast, when poor family placed their children in what Professor Clarke-Stewart called low quality care, most of it informal baby-sitting arrangements with friends or relatives, they were found to have a less-healthy interaction with those children at 2 years of age. Furthermore, Professor Clarke-Steward oversees the study of 110 Orange
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