Study of Gene Expression in Sorghum

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A Study of Gene Expression in Sorghum Plants By John James Biology 1162 March 8, 2012 Lab Partners Abstract We examine gene expression in Sorghum plants of different phenotypes in order to examine inheritance patters. For this experiment two separate crosses were examined. First we observed patterns between a green (wild type) and a white (recessive type) phenotype and then we observed patters between a green (wild type) and red (recessive type) phenotypes. We used the observations of this experiment to in order to determine the probability of expression of either recessive phenotype compared to the wild phenotype. We determined probability using Chi- square analysis method. Introduction When we think of science experiments, our brains often conjure up thoughts of a sterile lab with a scientist wearing their white lab coat, diligently recording the results of their experiments that use sophisticated equipment and techniques, in order to form sophisticated theories and/or develop some amazing novel technology. However, some of the earliest science experiments were in fact, experiments in genetics and they were a far cry from the sterile, highly controlled experiments we think of today. Looking back, at the domestication of plants and animals, those experiments weren’t much more than an attempt to control heredity, by selecting what was considered to be the best looking male or female specimens. This form experimentation was forever changed however when Gregor Mendel began experimenting with pea plants, in order to determine components of heredity. Mendel’s work forever changed the way we think of science and in many ways it changed the way we look at ourselves. Following Mendel’s example we will also be examining the principles and patterns of heredity, using our current knowledge of genetics and gene expression to analyze and make predictions of

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