Study Observation: Facilitated Communication

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Facilitated Communication: Study Observations 1. The purpose of the study was to validate the facilitated communications. The study started out with every expectation that it would find evidence that the communications were in fact valid. FC was defined as the provision of physical assistance to individuals to allow them to more readily spell out words on a keyboard template, a keyboard device, a computer, typewriter, or specially designed spelling device; the intent of assistance is to help them more effectively control or initiate movements of their hands to type out a message and was proposed for use primarily with people with autism.…show more content…
The communication was then used in the normal manner for that pair of facilitator and participant. D. What made this experiment a good controlled test of FC? The facilitator and participant were familiar with FC and had worked together. They had also shown positive results with FC. This was a good controlled test because the cards were also familiar to both the facilitator and the participant. Also the facilitator did not know that they were being shown any card different than the card being shown to the participant. Making the results hard to deny. 3. Describe the results of the study. The study proved that the participants failed to identify objects. There were NO clear correct responses to the stimulus card when they were not given the same card as their facilitator. The participants confirmed incorrect responses. The facilitators INFLUENCED the participants’ responses. These findings were unanticipated and very clear. Proof of absolute facilitator control. Support for the hypotheses – all three of them proved facilitator influence. These were absolutely not the results they were looking

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