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Study in Poem Essay

  • Submitted by: tuntheinthein
  • on August 9, 2013
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The Rabbit by Alan Brownjohn
(Questions and answers)
Dr Lawrence R. Tatpati

1. What do the people wish to see in the poem The Rabbit? Ans. The rabbit. 2. What do the children ask the people who are going to see the rabbit? Ans. They ask which rabbit the people would see. 3. Which rabbit do the people wish to see? Ans. The only rabbit in England. 4. Where do the people expect the rabbit to be seen nibbling the grass? Ans. Behind a barbed-wire fence. 5. What is the fence made of? Ans. Barbed-wire. 6. What do the people expect the rabbit to be doing sitting behind the barbed wire? Ans. Nibbling the grass. 7. The only rabbit is in a) America b) England c) Australia Ans. B) England. 8. Where is the „patch of grass‟ that doesn‟t count in the poem The Rabbit? Ans. By the hoardings. 9. What is the first means of transport used by the people? Ans. Escalator. 10. What is the mode of transport used after the escalator? Ans. Motorway. 11. What is the mode of transport used after the motorway? Ans. Helicopterway. 12. How do the people travel the last ten yards in The Rabbit? Ans. On foot. 13. What distance do the people cover on foot in The Rabbit? Ans. Ten yards.

14. What does the rabbit nibble? Ans. Grass. 15. Why was everyone suddenly angry while at the exhibition? Ans. Because the rabbit had gone. 16. Why were the people at the exhibition jostling/slanging/complaining? Ans. Because the rabbit had gone. 17. In The Rabbit the people were disappointed because a) the rabbit was quite ordinary b) the rabbit had disappeared c) they were not allowed to cross the fence. Ans. B) the rabbit had disappeared. 18. The rabbit had gone under the a) table b) escalator c) ground Ans. C) ground. 19. Where does the rabbit hide itself after going under the earth? Ans. In the warren. 20. At the end of the poem, the rabbit disappears into a) the forest b) London city c) the warren Ans. c) the warren. 21. The people returned from the exhibition with a...

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