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Study Guide for Nurse Aide Education (NAE) • Know the different types of facilities discussed in class. • Identify and describe the 3 levels of LTC (Long Term Care). • Know the members of the health care team. • How does the health care team differ from the nursing team? • Which member of the health care team spends the most time providing "hands on" care for the patient? • Differentiate between Medicare, Medicaid, HMO and PPO. • What is OBRA? How does it impact nursing assistants? • Know the desirable qualities a good nurse assistant should possess. • Know the guidelines for good personal hygiene. • Know the duties/responsibilities a nurse assistant might have at his/her job. • What is liability insurance and why is it important to have this coverage if you are working in health care? • Know the basic patient rights as discussed in class. • Differentiate between growth and development. • Differentiate between aging and ageism. • Who is Maslow? Explain his hierarchy of human needs. • Know changes that normally occur during the aging process. • Know the two categories of communication. Which is the most believable? • Define aphasia. • Know ways to improve your communication skills with both general and aphasic patients. • Know "helpful hints" to use when dealing with "problem" patients. • Define the following abbreviations: ADL, ac, am, amb, BID, c, Fx, H20, H2O2, O2, I&0, noc, NPO, pc, pt, q, h, d, QID, Rx, s, TID, wt, w/c, d/c, ↑ and ↓. • Define safety. • Explain how to use a fire extinguisher--remember P.A.S.S. • Explain what to do if you discover a fire--remember R.A.C.E. • Differentiate between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. • Know general safety concerns regarding patient care. • Define restraint/safety device as discussed in class. • Know problems that may occur with restraint use. • Know alternatives to restraint use.

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