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Anthropology 101 Midterm 1 Study Guide The exam will consist of 40 multiple choice questions worth 1 point each, 1 punnett square and one essay question (each worth 15 points). Please bring a scantron (“green” form no. 882-E) and a #2 pencil. Room will be provided on the exam for you to write your essay. This exam will based on the course lectures and your textbook. Do more than simply define or describe a given concept. Try to realize why these topics are important and how they relate to other ideas as well as to the field of anthropology as a whole…. Good Luck and study well. Chapter 1 – Introduction to Physical Anthropology Anthropology Evolution Biocultural Evolution Culture Subfields of Anthropology Subdisciplines of Biological Anthropology Enculturation Artifacts Hypotheses Theory The Anthropological Perspective Ethnocentric Chapter 2 – The Development of Evolutionary Thought Fixity of Species Great Chain of Being John Ray Carolus Linnaeus Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon Jean-Bapiste Lamarck Georges Cuvier Thomas Malthus Charles Lyell Charles Darwin Alfred Russel Wallace Natural Selection Fitness Reproductive Success Selective Pressures Biological Continuity Chapter 3 – The Biological Basis of Life Genetics Nucleus DNA RNA Protein Synthesis Ribosomes Somatic Cells Gametes Zygote Nucleotides Proteins Amino Acids Codons Gene Genome Regulatory Genes Sex Chromosomes Mitosis Meiosis Recombination Chapter 4 – Heredity and Evolution Principle of Segregation Dominant and Recessive Locus Allele Homozygous and Heterozygous Genotype and Phenotype Mendelian Traits Principle of Independent Assortment Polygenic Modern Synthesis Variation Allele Frequency

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