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Study Guide Chapters 23 through 26 Form CG8 1. What was missionary diplomacy? 2. What was the Plattsburgh Movement? 3. What event triggered the outbreak of World War I in Europe in 1914? 4. What was the German strategic plan for a simultaneous war with France and Russia? 5. How did the American people react to the outbreak of World War I? 6. What impact did German submarines have on naval warfare? 7. What was President Wilson’s reelection slogan for 1916? 8. How was President Wilson’s position on American neutrality affected by his reelection? 9. What did the Zimmerman Telegram propose? 10. What was President Wilson’s reaction to Germany’s announcement that it was resuming unrestricted submarine warfare? 11. What opportunity did President Wilson see for the United States as a result of its entry into World War I? 12. Who led the American Expeditionary Force to France in World War I? 13. What were the last two questions to be answered before the conscription bill was ready for President Wilson’s signature in 1917? 14. When did the U.S. Army first use psychological-intelligence tests on military recruits? 15. What place did spheres of influence have in Wilson’s Fourteen Points? 16. What did U.S. government officials blame for the wave of postwar labor strikes in 1919? 17. How was Henry Ford able to keep his automobiles within the price range of most Americans in the 1920s? 18. Who were the prominent black leaders of the 1920s? 19. What did Marcus Garvey hope to accomplish? 20. Why did prohibition fail? 21. What segment of American society typically resisted the enforcement of prohibition? 22. Upon what basis did immigration restriction laws of the 1920s rest? 23. Who were Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, and why are they important? 24. What was the major difference between the Ku Klux Klan of Reconstruction days and the the
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