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Study Guide Essay

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TCC-History 1493 Online-Final Exam Study Guide-Chapters 28-31
1. Causes of John F. Kennedy’s victory in 1960
JFK was basically born into politics, with a father who served as the ambassador to Great Britain. Kennedy's choice of Lyndon Johnson as his running mate carried most of the Southern vote. Also, a rise in unemployment favored the Democrats. The African American voters helped offset the 52 percent of white votes for Nixon. Kennedy was charismatic with a lot of personal appeal, and with the nation's first televised presidential debates, looked the better choice next to Nixon.
2. Result of the Warren Commission
The Warren Commission was a commission to help struggled Americans with what had happened and why it was headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren. They concluded in September 1964, that both Oswald and Ruby had acted alone.
3. Lyndon Johnson’s reputation in the Senate
Senator Johnson's reputation was a legislative genius for his accomplishments as a domestic politician.
4. Medicare
Medicare is a program that was signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965 providing the elderly with universal compulsory medical insurance. Which was financed through social security taxes?
5. Baker v. Carr
Chief Justice Warren considered Baker vs. Carr his most important decision.   The case grew out of a complaint that Tennessee electoral districts were inequitably drawn, giving sparsely populated rural districts far more representatives than densely populated urban areas.   Using the Fourteenth Amendment guarantee of "equal protection of the laws," the court established the principal of "one person, one vote" both for state legislators and the House of Representatives.   Most states had to redraw electoral districts, thus making state legislators more responsive to metropolitan interests.
6. Freedom Rides
In May 1961, the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) organized Freedom Rides to integrate interstate transportation in the South.   When a group of 6 whites and 7...

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