Study Based on Analysis of Existing Study

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Study Based on Analysis of Existing Study Brandi Smith Methodist College English 201 When writing compositions revision is an extremely important part of the process. Revision strategies can help by providing different approaches in terms of spelling and proofreading. Research has shown that people learn and absorb information differently. It is highly probable that when someone writes any type of composition they could benefit from using different revision strategies. In 2011, TEFLL Department, Faculty of Foreign Languages published a research study written by Professors Mojgan Rashtchi and Mojdeh Ghandi titled “Writing Revision Strategies: Do they Enhance Writing Ability”. The purpose of Professor Rashtchi and Professor Ghandi study was to investigate whether three types of revision strategies peer revision, self-revision enforced by checklist revision as compared to teacher revision have any significant impact on the writing ability of Iranian EFL (English as Foreign Language) learners. (Rashtchi & Ghandi, 2011) They want to impart that revising is an important part of the writing process and that using different revision strategies help produce better written compositions, communication and critical thinking skills. There are copious flaws with this study in their documented methods, results and analysis. Methods Participants Participants were selected from a sample of eighty Iranian male and female students between the ages of 19-24. All participants were majoring in English translation at Islamic Azad University and were selected based on convenience sampling. (Rashtchi & Ghandi, 2011) Convenience sampling is when the researchers use subjects that are easy to access. As the name describes, the researcher chooses subjects because of convenience. (Crossman, 2013) Using this method for a study can be speculative for researchers. The main

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