Study Abroad or Party Abroad? Essay

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Study Abroad or Party Abroad? Actually study abroad is one of the most common plans that teenagers have before starting the university or to go to the university, in another words the American dream is every time more common. This kind of opportunity offer different kinds of new knowledge from courses of English to cuisine and from university major to a minor. Many people have taken advantage of this kind of program for make their live better; however, some people have converted study abroad in a party abroad. Without parents around or someone who tell you what to do, some people are not ready for this and fail in their program and cause of this is mostly for their parties. Study abroad have a large amount of benefits; learn a new culture, try new food, beside the knowledge that you are getting from the program. This also offers some benefices that many people don’t see like learn how to cook by yourself or the basic survival skill to be more ready to live by your own. In addition to meet new people and get some experience in the social aspect and get new perspective of live. In contrast of all the benefices previous mentioned, people can also do a disaster with their life. Some of this people are not so matured or ready for do this by their own, as a result they can fail their program and the only new knowledge that get is how to do a better party and what drink is better. For example I have the do some research with some of my friends in my school EF International and honestly most of my friends party frequently and as a result they have not improve or improve just a level or 5 points in the toelf in six months. But beside ask this I ask Do you feel that you really learn? And mostly of the answer I get were a NO. Some research by USA Today and Northwestern and other school have recently questioned study abroad and how seriously students take the

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