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Living in another country or studying abroad is a good chance to obtain knowledge. It is not just only about reading books in a class, but it is also can be the best to get a better understanding about life and how it goes. In fact, there are so many advantages that can be obtained when a student is living in a different country than the one this student grew up in. Also, any experience whether bad or good, happens to students, who are studying abroad, can make limitless opportunities in achieving their dreams. Studying abroad is a dream of many students all over the world. All of them dream about studying abroad in a good country that has a higher education system, such as the United States. However, to study abroad or to be away from home is not easy; students do new things and face many challenges while they are living in another country. From my experience, I have learned a lot and have done many things such as where can be a good environment for learning English, how important it is to know about other cultures, and how travelling is enjoyable and beneficial. First, there are many good environments where I can learn English. In general, the U.S is the best country for learning English because English is the first language in it. There is also another thing that international students should take care of, which is the right environment for learning English. When I first came to the U.S., I struggled in finding a good environment. I couldn't learn or speak any English for a month. After that, I found the right place to be in for learning English. I moved to a house with one of my Saudi friends. We had three native speaker roommates, which was really hard in the beginning. However, it started being helpful after a while. We became very good friends. We helped each other in everything, especially that I was helped a lot to improve my English. Second, I have

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