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Delegation from Represented by New Zealand Bellevue College Position paper for C-34 The issues before C-34 are: 1) Strengthening Regional Arrangements in Africa; 2) Enhancing Robust Mandates to Deal with Complex Crisis; and 3) Enhancing the Use of Technology in Peacekeeping Missions. New Zealand is honored to serve on the distinguished body and recognize the importance of the issues being addressed. New Zealand is committed to full cooperation towards building consensus and developing appropriate and obtainable responses to each of these issues. Ⅰ.Strengthening Regional Arrangements in Africa Nowadays as 87% of peacekeeping personnel currently work in Africa, to accomplish peacekeeping operation(PKO) mandate efficiently, African countries should deal with conflict situations and take responsibility for its own security and strengthening regional arrangement in Africa such as the East African Community (EAC), the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and Regional Economic Community (REC). play an important role. Since 2006, the United Nation(UN) placed emphasis on its relation to regional organization especially African Union (AU). In 2014, UN Security Council in peacekeeping operations supports the resolution (S/RES/2167/2014) and admitted the regional organizations ability to provide help to a conflict. However, although many efforts have been done, African countries face many challenges such as lack of sufficient staff, training system, funding and policy-making in terms of PKO. As members of the Common Wealth, New Zealand has

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