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This study investigated Twitter as a medium for news dissemination and how it sets Agenda for members of the virtual community. It also looked at the relationship between Agenda being set on Twitter and Front page headline stories of selected Nigerian newspapers. Respondents were selected from the Researchers’ followers’ list based on those who had 1000 followers and above. This chapter, therefore presents the summary, while conclusions were based on finding generated from the study 5.2. Summary Social media have changed the way communication takes place, the way information spreads and the way people network. Twitter, for example, has some special characteristics that have made it stand out in the virtual community. People present ideas and opinions about controversial and contemporary issues in bits called tweets. Issues on Twitter go viral within a very short time and the rate at which it is mentioned and "retweeted" makes it top a list of trending topics. The social media have in recent times made computer mediated communication all pervasive. Exchange of information via the computer that is connected to the internet has become very interactive and people from different places can join a conversation regardless of time and place. The aim of this study was to determine if trending topics on twitter set Agenda for the virtual community by seeing if these topics determine what members of the virtual community get to think about in their daily activities. Another aim was to determine if the topics being discussed on twitter can be seen to have similarities with the news items gaining prominence in the traditional media (newspapers) specifically, to see if the news items that trend on Twitter at different times have places of meeting with headline news in Daily Newspapers. Three (3) research questions were raised to adequately explore the depths of the study.

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