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Here are my thoughts on this morning’s questions. Tell me what you think. Brief summary of 1 Cor. 12:1-11: Concerning spiritual gifts, you are ignorant, therefore increase your knowledge by my teaching. Before you were Christians, you had other gods that were mute. Now you have a God who is NOT mute, but who instructs. While you are in the Spirit, you cannot call Jesus’ name accursed (NKJV you cannot say it by the Spirit). Neither can you claim Jesus your Lord if you are not in the Spirit (NKJV cannot say it except by the Spirit). There are diverse gifts and ministries among you, yet one God. The Spirit is manifested individually for the profit of the whole. Gifts are given as He wills. My Thoughts: Verses 1-3 concern being informed as Christians. Paul reminds us of our pre-Christian foolishness: we worshipped mute, senseless gods who held no sway over us but that we gave them. As such we were free to be our own masters, making small concessions to the rituals of idolatry. We must not now make the mistake of transferring that attitude over to our Christianity, BECAUSE we now have a God who is NOT mute, but who instructs, and requires obedience and surrender of self, even in daily life. Another inflection of pre-Christian life is a life consumed with fear and superstition. Gentiles in earlier times were so fearful about the future, they sacrificed their children to these mute idols in a vain exchange for good harvest or protection. This is another way of life that must not be carried over into our Christian walk. We are to fear God, but not in the same way we feared before. We are to honor and respect our God, not be afraid of Him, unless we are living a life of sin. In verse 3, Paul then contrasts the unbeliever with the believer. If you are in the Spirit, you cannot call Jesus accursed. Unless you are in the Spirit, you cannot

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