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Do test make you so nervous that you lose concentration and your brain seems to blank-out or freeze-up? Do you find yourself struggling to remember information and drowning in disorganization? If so, then how to study smart may help you to improve your studying skills, while increasing your grades and reducing stress. Studying has two main parts to it learning and remembering. Learning is pinpointing all the ideas and facts and understanding them, whereas remembering is absorbing it all into the long-term-storage-unit of the brain. People are smart in different ways. Some people can create a song; some people can memorize everything in a book. When you realize what you’re good at, you can figure out the best way to study. For example, if you are a word smart people, you can make flask card and take extensive notes. We can use various of colour to activate our brain to more easily remember something but not just memorize with it dead! This is call “colour memorizing method”. Colour can make our brain remember more easily because it can activate our brain cell. For an example, biology is the subject that needs most memorizing. We can use different colours to mark the specific term or concept. Learning is in your head. Having beautiful notes and a perfectly highlighted textbook doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the information in it. Your only goal is to understand the information so it will stick with you for assignments, tests and life. Don’t be afraid to get messy when scrawling out ideas on paper and connecting them in your head. Use notes and books as a medium for learning rather than an end result. Study timetable is a guideline to make us study at its level best. It is a table which is providing us open and forthright information about whatever is to be done for studying properly. It can be devised by the help of our working and study schedule. Keep in

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