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Name ____________________ Date______________________ General Psychology Study guide 1 Theory/History Practice Activity counts towards your participation grade (worth 15 pts) A person who unconsciously exhibits overly nice behavior to conceal hostile feelings is probably using which ego defense mechanism Reaction formation, the ego unconsciously makes unaccepable impulses look like their opposites. “ I hate him” becomes “I love him” Timidity becomes daring. A person who exhibits behavior that clearly shows signs of reverting to less mature stages is likely to be using which ego defense? Regression, allows us to retreat to an earlier, more infantile stage of development. Directing energy toward another object or a person is called Displacement, diverts sexual or aggressive impulses toward an object or person that is psychologically more acceptable than the one that aroused the feelings; ex) mad at boyfriend could take it out on dog. Manufacturing “good” reasons to explain away a bruised ego to explain away failures or losses is known as Rationalization, when we unconsciously generate self-justifying explanations to hide from ourselves the real reasons for our actions. The id is the part of the human personality that is The id is the unconscious psychic energy constantly strives to satisfy basic drives to survive, reproduce, and aggress Operates on the pleasure principle, demanding immediate gratification. Behavior Therapy is grounded on The principles of learning, to eliminate unwanted behaviors The founder of person-centered therapy Carl Rogers, its a form of talk-psychotherapy. Goal is to provide patients with an opportunity to a sense of self wherein they can realize how their attitudes,feelings and behavior are being negatively affected and make an effort to find their true positive potential Person

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