Studies of Society Climate Change Essay

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. STUDIES OF SOCIETY TASK 1: Climate Change Climate change is a significant long-term issue that affects the world has a whole and is the number one environmental issue of the 21st Century. Climate change is of growing concern and has recently caused unprecedented emotional impact in Australia. Climate change is due to both natural and human causes, however the importance of human causes has increased over the past decade. Scientists have been predicted the impact of climate change for years, however in recent years the awareness of climate change has increased. Extreme weather, such as serve drought, storms, flooding and warming trends show the pressure of human activity on the climate and its growing vulnerability. Climate change is one of the biggest economical, environmental and social challenges of our time. Individuals, groups and governments have started working together to tackle climate change. Climate change is a problem that is upon us and is here to stay; therefore we must act at an individual level to change and reduce the human impact on Climate change. A: What is currently being done? Home The responsibility of tackling climate changes begins with individuals, there are many things currently being done by individuals and communities to reduce the impact on climate change. Many individuals are taking action in their home by reducing their energy consumption. Energy saving practices such as replacing appliances, lightings and installing solar panels and solar hot water systems can significantly reduce an individual’s carbon footprint. Energy rating labels enable consumers to compare the energy efficiency of appliances on a fair basis. It also provides incentive for manufactures to improve the energy efficiency of their products. Energy Star is an international programme that has been adopted by several countries that encourages the use of energy
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