Students Should Wear Uniforms

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A lot of students say that they express themselves through their clothing. It is human nature that we like dressing us well to attract people’s attention. I agree, it’s important for as able to show our identities, but on some occasions, kids could get bullied. There are other ways to express yourself without using your clothes, like your personality. With school uniforms it reduces distractions in school; therefore, students will get better education. Uniforms don’t only help the students to change their outside image, but also change their identity. It helps the children to see the importance of themselves, instead of their appearance. Students express their selves through their own personalities and attitude. We often feel less social pressure when everyone in the school dresses the same way. Students who can not be fashionable due to limited family finances are made to feel more comfortable among their peers. Uniforms are a sign of respect; whether for your teacher, or yourself. It shows pride for your school and education. It is said that students who wear uniforms have higher expectations toward learning than students who doesn’t wear uniforms. Although some people might say that school uniforms are ugly and unstylish, school uniforms does get you better attitudes toward education. Schools are not places to have fashion shows; it is a place to educate. Uniforms can also promote equality throughout the school, helping build a sort of team. This also shows the importance of communities to students. Every student needs to feel like they belong, and that they fit in. If a person dresses well, he or she gives the impression of being well educated and well spoken, which leads others to want to make friends with him or her. However, is that the right way to know a person? We are supposed to make friends according to their moral, loyalty and mentality. When

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